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Where does your network stand?

Are you wondering whether your network is performing at the level you need? Are you over-investing - or under-investing - in your network capabilities? Is your IT infrastructure ready for cloud enablement?

We can help you find out with our Network Health Review tool. Simply answer these 9 questions and we will evaluate where your enterprise stands in the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Once you submit your answers, you can immediately access your scorecard and see whether your network performance and costs are right where they need to be - or not.

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How much do you spend annually on your network?

What type of primary network do you have?

What type of backup network do you have?

What is the extent of your cloud infrastructure?

How many locations do you have?

How many private data centers (DCs) do you have?

How many neutral data centers (DCs) do you have?

How many continents do your locations span?

How many business-critical, private apps do you have that are not in the cloud?

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